Friday, September 13, 2013


Grammar Practice: Verbs 9.4

Return vocabulary notebook packets for  the words from The Fault in Our Stars  for revision: check synonyms and antonyms, and make sure that sentences convey the meaning of the word through context. Revise and resubmit before next Friday to earn full credit.

Independent reading (300 pages completed by 10/3!). Track progress on your Reading Record sheet. Some students need to fix #bestbookever Tweets in class today.

Continue to revise The Fault in Our Stars further research paragraph
F - Focus (what is the author's main idea or argument)
A - Author's Name, capitalized and spelled correctly
T - Title or "Title," of the text (short works like articles, essays, and poems go in quotation marks; long works like videos, pieces of art, and books have the title underlined/italicized)
T - Text type (is it an article? video? photograph? poem?)

Here's a picture of the informal notes I wrote in class about this video

Here is my sample paragraph writeup that includes a "FATT Claim" and an MLA-format citation that you can use as a model. NOTE: I used the fake name Joanne Wilson as a student name so as not to confuse you with the MLA format, which requires that the instructor's name appears on the second line.
HW:  Revise and submit  The Fault in Our Stars further research paragraph to before 6pm on Sunday.  See pages 34 and 35 in Binder Reminder for help with MLA formatting.

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