Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Tweet revisions: please review the #bestbookever handout and correct any mistakes in formatting. Bring a new revised copy on Friday (or email it to before class on Friday and I'll print it for you).

Review vocabulary warm-up #1 and vocabulary warm-up #2 for the words from The Fault in Our Stars

Introduce The Fault in Our Stars Further Research Assignment

HW: Revise #bestbookever Tweet if needed. Study for vocabulary test on Monday by reviewing your vocabulary notebook.  As you study, make sure that you know how to spell each word, how the word is pronounced, how to provide synonyms and antonyms, how to construct a sentence that defines the word's meaning in context, and how to illustrate the meaning of the word with a brief picture.  For Friday, visit one or more of the The Fault in Our Stars Further Research Assignment Study Links, take notes, and draft a handwritten paragraph that summarizes the source and includes one specific fact or detail. Please bring your independent reading book that I approved to class every day.

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  1. NOTE: Vocabulary quiz date is moved to Wednesday, 9/11.