Friday, September 6, 2013


Grammar Practice: Verbs 9.3

Model how to approach The Fault in Our Stars further research paragraph -- view this video on infinities, jot down notes, and transform notes into a paragraph using a "FATT" Claim to open the paragraph:

F - Focus (what is the author's main idea or argument)
A - Author's Name, capitalized and spelled correctly
T - Title or "Title," of the text (short works like articles, essays, and poems go in quotation marks; long works like videos, pieces of art, and books have the title underlined/italicized)
T - Text type (is it an article? video? photograph? poem?)

Here's a picture of the informal notes I wrote in class about this video

Here is my sample paragraph writeup that includes a "FATT Claim" and an MLA-format citation that you can use as a model. NOTE: I used the fake name Joanne Wilson as a student name so as not to confuse you with the MLA format, which requires that the instructor's name appears on the second line.

HW: Continue to study vocabulary words from The Fault in Our Stars using your vocabulary notebook. Quiz will be pushed back to next Wednesday, 9/11. Complete a draft of your further research paragraph (typed) for Monday, like the sample I modeled in class.

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