Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Introduce vocabulary from Kindred -first 8 words
Model dialectical journal entry - select important quotations from the text and respond (you can make connections to other texts, pose questions, discuss the author's choices, give your emotional reactions or personal opinions, etc.)

See my sample for pages 21-25.

HW: Read pages 33-45 of "The Fire" in Kindred and complete 4 dialectical journal entries. Make sure to arrange the page in chart format, drawing a line down the center vertically. Label the left side "Quotation & Page Number" and the right side "Response." Select four excerpts from the text between pages 33 and 45 to respond to, and then add your thoughts on the right. Responses should include a variety of different types of thinking (see ideas above or refer to the sample for ideas) and should demonstrate critical thinking about or study of the text. This is due at the beginning of class tomorrow and should be in your Kindred class journal.

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