Thursday, October 10, 2013

AGENDA 10/10

SSR - 15 minutes

Reading Response 10/10
Define the word foreshadow or foreshadowing. What event(s) is/are
foreshadowed on pages 26–27? Write your prediction, then list the specific words from the text that support your prediction.

Finish reading Chapter 2 aloud. Model 3-2-1 strategy for reading review:

3: Go back and find 3 quotations worth discussing. Copy them down, with the page numbers.
2: Create 2 text-dependent questions for discussion. These should be questions that would force someone to go back to the text for the answer, but they should also be questions that require some thought and not just a quick answer.  Example questions might be: How do we know that George actually does care about Lennie?  or Why does Steinbeck keep repeating the word "handy" to describe Curley? or What dream do George and Lennie have for the future? or In what ways does the boss seem like a bad man, and why does the swamper describe him as "a pretty nice fella"?
1: Make 1 observation about the author's craft: in a sentence or two, explain a literary device or a stylistic choice that the author makes.  For example, On page 3, Steinbeck uses animal imagery to describe Lennie, saying that he "dabbled his big paw in the water" and was "snorting into the water like a horse" to show that Lennie is a big, almost animal-like guy. He is strong, but also sweet, simple, and gentle.

If time permits, continue to introduce vocabulary and work on completing your vocabulary notebook (check on Monday)

HW: Read Chapter 3, Of Mice and Men, pages 38-48, and complete 3-2-1 for tomorrow's class.  (If your page numbers are different, you'll read to the part where it says, "Candy did not answer. The silence fell on the room again. It came out of the night and invaded the room."

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