Monday, March 31, 2014


Continue reading Night, pages 52-
Begin audiobook link, part 8 at 8:49

Please take testing seriously this week!
Discussion questions over pages 52-58 in small groups:
1) What evidence can you find that shows Elie being disappointed in himself?
2) What evidence can you find that shows Elie's love for his father, and his father's love for Elie?
 3) What sentence/word best represents pages 52-58?
4) What connections can you make between Night and Kindred? How do both show dehumanization, pain/loss, and courage?

HW: Read Night to page 58; in audiobook, part 9, stop at 5:43

Friday, March 21, 2014


Score Tuesday's grammar quiz over semicolons

Reciprocal teaching discussion over Chapter 2

Listen to the beginning of Chapter 3 together using the audiobook link -- chapter 3 starts at 8:12
and continue through page 43.

First part of Chapter 3 audiobook link (chapter 3 starts at 8:12)
Second part of Chapter 3 audiobook link
Third part of Chapter 3 audiobook link (chapter 3, page 43 ends at 8:43)

HW: Complete Reciprocal Teaching Notes (questions for each section) for Chapter 3, pages 29-43, and be prepared to discuss on Monday.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Model Reciprocal Teaching Guidelines  and Deeper Discussion Questions using Oprah Winfrey's interview with Elie Wiesel, part 2

Audiobook links for Ch 2: (check the end)
Reciprocal Teaching Notes to complete for class tomorrow

Things to remember:
You're posing questions as the teacher--what will help your "students" (group members) understand the reading more deeply, and how will you know through your questions that your "students" actually "got it"?
As the "teacher," you should have a sense of the answers to the questions you pose in the Summarizing, Deeper Questioning, and Predicting sections. It's ok if you don't know the answers to the questions you pose in the Clarifying section--but you could also anticipate where you think your "students" might have difficulty and try to put those questions in the Clarifying section.
Answers to the questions you pose in the Summarizing section and the Questions of Fact from Deeper Questioning should be searchable in the text.
Answers to
HW: Complete Reciprocal Teaching Notes for Chapter 2 of Night, pages 23-28

Monday, March 17, 2014


Complete Semicolon Study Guide to prepare for tomorrow's quiz
Listen to audiobook, pages 16-22 of Night
Complete Ch 1 Reading reflection

HW: Study for quiz as needed; complete Ch1 reading reflection if not finished in class.

Friday, March 14, 2014


Happy Pi Day! :-)

Semicolon Grammar Review
Rules for semicolon use
Quiz over semicolon use and rules next Tuesday
Try playing this adorable game I found on the web to help you review!

Clarification: yesterday's Kristallnacht activity
Read the information on the Kristallnacht handout given in class to get a sense of this event. Then view the Kristallnacht historical photographs and write down your reactions, what you notice, details, etc. Finally, compose a creative piece (poem, letter, short story, or illustration) that captures the emotions and details that you notice and synthesizes the historical documents with your reactions. Be sure to include specific details, words, or phrases from the text and photographs in your creative piece.

Listen to part I of Night using the audiobook link, pages 3-6
Audiobook link, pages 7-13
Audiobook link, pages 14-16

HW: Read Night to page 16, using the audiobook link if you would like. Complete creative piece in response to Kristallnacht information and the historical photographs that you viewed in class. Write a poem, short story, letter, or illustration that uses specific details from the photographs or the handout to craft your piece. I should be able to tell which photographs or sources you used in your creative response. If you are writing a poem, consider who the best speaker might be--yourself? A damaged building? Clara or Catherine? Someone else?

Monday, March 3, 2014


Essay instructions
Introductions PowerPoint
Body Paragraphs PowerPoint
Conclusions PowerPoint
Peer Revision Exercise
Kindred Essay Prewriting (my sample)

HW:  Rough draft of complete essay due in class on Tuesday, 3/4. Final draft should be uploaded to between Wednesday, 3/5 and Sunday, 3/9 for full credit.