Friday, March 14, 2014


Happy Pi Day! :-)

Semicolon Grammar Review
Rules for semicolon use
Quiz over semicolon use and rules next Tuesday
Try playing this adorable game I found on the web to help you review!

Clarification: yesterday's Kristallnacht activity
Read the information on the Kristallnacht handout given in class to get a sense of this event. Then view the Kristallnacht historical photographs and write down your reactions, what you notice, details, etc. Finally, compose a creative piece (poem, letter, short story, or illustration) that captures the emotions and details that you notice and synthesizes the historical documents with your reactions. Be sure to include specific details, words, or phrases from the text and photographs in your creative piece.

Listen to part I of Night using the audiobook link, pages 3-6
Audiobook link, pages 7-13
Audiobook link, pages 14-16

HW: Read Night to page 16, using the audiobook link if you would like. Complete creative piece in response to Kristallnacht information and the historical photographs that you viewed in class. Write a poem, short story, letter, or illustration that uses specific details from the photographs or the handout to craft your piece. I should be able to tell which photographs or sources you used in your creative response. If you are writing a poem, consider who the best speaker might be--yourself? A damaged building? Clara or Catherine? Someone else?

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