Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Silent Sustained Reading - 20 minutes. Get closer to our goal of 300+ pages each grading period (deadline for book conferences: 10/3). Track progress in your Reading Record and refer to the instructions for independent reading as needed.

Review FATT claims:
F - Focus (what is the author's main idea or argument)
A - Author's Name, capitalized and spelled correctly
T - Title or "Title," of the text (short works like articles, essays, and poems go in quotation marks; long works like videos, pieces of art, and books have the title underlined/italicized)
T - Text type (is it an article? video? photograph? poem?)

 and MLA formatting (pages 34 and 35 in Binder Reminder) for The Fault in Our Stars further research paragraph. Final draft will be due electronically to Turnitin.com on Friday.

HW: Study for tomorrow's vocabulary test by reviewing the words from The Fault in Our Stars and completing/reviewing your vocabulary notebook.  As you study, make sure that you know how to spell each word, how the word is pronounced, how to provide synonyms and antonyms, how to construct a sentence that defines the word's meaning in context, and how to illustrate the meaning of the word with a brief picture. Your vocabulary notebook is due tomorrow, right before the quiz.

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