Friday, September 20, 2013


Grammar Practice: Verbs 9.5

Reteach how to brainstorm for "Thirteen Ways of Looking at Identity" poem: start by listing emotions/tone words in front of class, e.g., joyful, frustrated, sad, lonely, nervous, etc. and then think about someone or something in your life that might view you with that tone. For example, "irritated" might describe the view of another driver on the 405 freeway, like the guy in the gray Nissan probably felt toward me when I cut him off this morning. Or "excited" would show my cat's viewpoint when I come home each day, and he's waiting by the door meowing and ready to pounce me because he's so glad I am home.

Begin work on stanzas or continue to revise.

HW: Eight stanzas drafted for Monday. Continue to make progress in independent reading books--I recommend being at page 175 or farther by Monday.  Grammar quiz over verbs (parallelism, verb tense, and subject-verb agreement errors) next Friday.

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